Photoselective and aluminium netting

What is photoselective netting?

Chromatinet nets are specially designed colour nets, which control the growth and the properties of the plants via controlling the light spectrum arriving to the plant. Chromatinet is produced by Ginegar (Israel) license. Chromatinet nets release the UV similar to the black net. Exception is that gray and aluminium nets are suitable for protection from freezing and frost. Better results by growing under a photoselective netting are earned with plants like parsley, basil, dill, pepper, celery, strawberries, apples, peaches, grape, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus fruits and others. The most popular nets are the red, the pearl, the yellow and the blue. Chromatinet Pearl protects the plants from aphids and mosaic disease.

Benefits from photoselective netting

Supervision results from growing under red net:

The size and the weight of salad Iceberg lettuce are enhanced with 30% and the leaves weren’t becoming brown. Pepper yield is enhanced from 30% to 40%. The difference is that the quality of the pepper fruits is better with photoselective netting. The size of the decorative bushes in the nursery is 30% bigger than bushes cultivated under standard black shading net. Growing basil under photoselective netting increase the yield with 20%.

Chromatinet Pearl is approving better advantages for the producers:

Sunburn by fruits is decreased with more than 80% by apples.
Photoselective netting forfend the cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) appearance by cucumbers and pepper.
By tomatoes bronzing is forfended (TSWV).